PHP superglobal variables

The complete list of superglobals variables: 1. $GLOBALS—An array of all global variables (Like the global keyword, this allows you to access global variables inside a function—for example, as $GLOBALS[‘myvariable’].) 2. $_SERVER—An array of server environment variables 3. $_GET—An array of variables passed to the script via the GET method 4. $_POST—An array of variables … Continue reading PHP superglobal variables

Type Casting in PHP

You can pretend that a variable or value is of a different type by using a type cast.This feature works identically to the way it works in C.You simply put the temporary type in parentheses in front of the variable you want to cast. For example, $total= 0; $totalamount=0.00; $totalamount = (float)$total;

PHP’s Data Types

PHP supports the following basic data types: 1. Integer—Used for whole numbers 2. Float (also called double)—Used for real numbers 3. String—Used for strings of characters 4. Boolean—Used for true or false values 5. Array—Used to store multiple data items 6. Object—Used for storing instances of classes Two special types are also available: NULL and … Continue reading PHP’s Data Types