Find sum of series 1+2+8+26+80+…….+n

we can not define 1+2+8+26+80+.......... series in a simple manner to write  program. But..... 2,8,26,80,242.................can be define as below The way to discover the next term is multiply the next number by 2 and then add it on. i.e. the next number of 2 is 3 so, 3*2=6+2=8 9*2=18+8=26 27*2=54+26=80........ and so on             OR … Continue reading Find sum of series 1+2+8+26+80+…….+n


History of Android

The Android is a Linux Based Operating System by GOOGLE and Open Handset Alliance ,which provide a rich application Framework and help in developing interactive applications. The  first OS version was introduced in November 5, 2007 with many of its versions named in Alphabetical order ranging from A-O and Oreo the stable version released in … Continue reading History of Android

While and Do-While loop in Java with example

In this tutorial we will discuss while loop and do while loop. Java while Loop A while loop statement in Java programming language repeatedly executes a target statement as long as a given condition is true. The syntax of while loop is: while (Expression) { // codes inside body of while loop } How while … Continue reading While and Do-While loop in Java with example

The Java Buzzwords

The key considerations were summed up by the Java team in the following list of buzzwords: Simple Secure Portable Object-oriented Robust Multi-threaded Architecture-neutral Interpreted High performance Distributed and Dynamic simple – Java is designed to be easy for the professional programmer to learn and use. object-oriented: a clean, usable, pragmatic approach to objects, not restricted … Continue reading The Java Buzzwords

Introduction to Paradox

A paradox is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true or wrong at the same time. Some logical paradoxes are known to be invalid arguments but are still valuable in promoting critical thinking. Some paradoxes have revealed errors in definitions assumed to be rigorous, and have caused axioms of mathematics and … Continue reading Introduction to Paradox

C Language Reference| set(1)

Introduction to C: The programming language C was developed in the 1970s by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs (Murray Hill, New Jersey) in the process of implementing the Unix operating system on a DEC PDP-11 computer. C has its origins in the typeless programming language BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language, developed by M. Richards) and … Continue reading C Language Reference| set(1)

C program to find entered year is leap year or not

This C program to find entered year is leap year or not. This program use if else condition. Output: Enter any year:2012 year is leap year   Introduction to Java HTML Elements   Java variables Java program to swap first name and last name C program to show the use of conditional operator

C program to show the use of conditional operator

This C program show the use of conditional operator. This program find greatest among two number   Output: Enter the value for num1 and num2: 2 4 num2 is greatest     C program to find greatest of three number C program to reverse a given numberC program to show swap of two number without … Continue reading C program to show the use of conditional operator